Project Description







拆除原有的牆面,更改既有的動線,利用屏風重新界定的空間的尺度,殖入新的空間元素重新賦予半世紀建築新的生命力。 材料選擇上參考週邊舊有建築紋理,企圖結合了在地的元素重新定義這咖啡館,抿石子、空心磚、和平白大理石、實木條、鐵件烤漆等通俗易見的材料,期望借由咖啡館,重新創造出鬧區中的愉悅用餐空間。






A half century, old building coffee shop was removed not only the original compartment and lines but also the illegal facade slowly added by the historical trajectory. It is heavy and cumbersome. Destruction is to be reborn which is necessary to remove the local part. Untied the café suddenly makes feeling relaxed and also restored the building itself evident positioning. This construction has a chance to reborn after a half century.

Removal of the original walls, change the existing fixed-line, the use of screen space redefined scale, was cloned into the new space element reassign a half-century building new vitality. Choice of materials is reference to the surrounding old buildings textures, attempt combines the ground element redefine this café, sip stones, hollow bricks, peaceful white marble, solid wood, iron paint and other popular easy to see the material, expectations borrow from the café, re-create the bustling district of pleasure dining space.

Exterior of the building on the use of natural texture wood grill will adopt irregular stitching with black French windows generate virtual and real sense of conflict and penetrating, cleverly integrated into the decoration, structure, function of different functions which makes the building with a layer of mystery and warm colors.

Outdoor floor tiles in black, a level of elevation and built up space defined using isometric tiles cutting techniques, rearrange the size, uniform lines moving line again to create the hierarchy, so that the lines of the entrance floor flow line are more explicit.

Interior space is based with dark tone, combined with the natural elements lighting installations, and through the mirror plane staggered from the vertical, reflection, and repeated the interior metal elements infinite depth of space, but also to create a space for dialogue between the actual and illusory situation. Through the effect of mirror to capture the shadows or flash, and let the reflect light to interact with people.

Main wall is with wood frames and classic lines with contemporary style which interact with the city lights through the windows. Overall sense of design has sought to every detail in the room;different size iron with glass screens, natural veneer white marble decorated with traditional peace walls, soft and hard materials are accurate cross with corresponding spatial coherence to space angles changing perspective scale.